Belgirate - "BelGirare"!

Belgirate is the first town on the shore after Stresa.

This little hamlet opens the Borromean Gulf and thebay might be at the origin of its name: ‘bel girare’ or ‘beautiful curve’. In reality the origin is perhaps the Bulgari (Bulgarians) who came down to the Po Valley after the Longobards and were the first to give a name to the hamlet - Bugirate or Bulgarate.

A famous tourist destination also in the past, Belgirate has hosted various famous people including Nicolò Tomaseo, Garibaldi, Manzoni, Verga, D’Annunzio and Guido Gozzano. The later was inspired by the area to write his first draft of “L’Amica di Nonna Speranza” in Villa Carlotta.

On entering this little village overlooking the waters of Lake Maggiore, we find Hotel Villa Carlotta, a luxury hotel and modern conference centre, the idea meeting point in a splendid setting, for organising weddings, lunches or company dinners. On the hill behind is the splendid garden that includes the 19th century Villa Treves in neo-classical style, which has also been transformed into a hotel. This village overlooking the lake has always been the ideal place for building the splendid villas that still dominate the landscape today.

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