Cannero Riviera
Fortified islands emerging from the blue...

Lying on the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore, Cannero has a Mediterranean climate with verdant vegetation that is perfect for its cedars, lemon trees, olive trees, mimosa and laurel. Cannero is home to the Camellia Society and organises the famous  “Camellia exhibition”, in various areas onLake Maggiore. The little town is also famous for the beach resorts on its sandy shore.

Navigating from theBorromean Gulf towards the Swiss basin of Lake Maggiore, in the Upper Verbano area, are two small rocky islands, located just a short distance from the shoreline, a demonstration of the historic presence of the Borromeo family.

On these two islands we can still see the atmospheric ruins of the Rocca Vitaliana, built between 1519 and 1521 by Ludovico Borromeo, who named it in honour of his illustrious ancestor.

The two islands offer an ancient charm and a unique atmosphere to those who decide to see them close up, on board a boat. Originally, towards the end of the 14th century, the two rocks became the cove of five pirate brothers, the Mazzarditi, who were responsible for some of the most ferocious crimes until they were defeated by the Borromeo family. The family rebuilt the fortress that is today known as the Vitaliana on the larger of the two islands and used it as a defensive outpost.

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